Type alias Keys

Keys: {
    __typename?: "Keys";
    apiKey?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
    clientId?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
    clientSecret?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
    redirectUris?: Maybe<Maybe<Scalars["URL"]>[]>;
    type?: Maybe<CredentialType>;

The keys for an application in the Niftory platform

Type declaration

  • Optional __typename?: "Keys"
  • Optional apiKey?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>

    The public API key.

  • Optional clientId?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>

    The public Client ID.

  • Optional clientSecret?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>

    The public Client Secret.

  • Optional redirectUris?: Maybe<Maybe<Scalars["URL"]>[]>

    The URIs that users can be redirected to after authenticating with this client.

  • Optional type?: Maybe<CredentialType>

    The type of credential.

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