Type alias File

File: {
    contentType?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
    id: Scalars["ID"];
    md5?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
    name: Scalars["String"];
    state: FileState;
    url: Scalars["URL"];

An interface containing common data about files.

Type declaration

  • Optional contentType?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>

    The MIME content type for this file.

  • id: Scalars["ID"]

    A unique identifier for this file in the Niftory API.

  • Optional md5?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>

    The MD5 hash of this file.

  • name: Scalars["String"]

    A friendly name for the file.

  • state: FileState

    The upload state of the file.

  • url: Scalars["URL"]

    The cloud storage URL for this file. If state is GENERATED_UPLOAD_URL, then this url is the presigned URL to upload to.

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