Type alias CreateFileOptionsInput

CreateFileOptionsInput: {
    contentType?: InputMaybe<Scalars["String"]>;
    posterFileId?: InputMaybe<Scalars["ID"]>;
    uploadToIPFS?: InputMaybe<Scalars["Boolean"]>;

Type declaration

  • Optional contentType?: InputMaybe<Scalars["String"]>

    The Content-Type (MIME type) of the file to be uploaded. This must match the Content-Type header you will use to upload the file to the returned URL. If this is left empty, your Content-Type header must also be empty.

  • Optional posterFileId?: InputMaybe<Scalars["ID"]>

    Required if the file to be uploaded is a video, and uploadToIPFS=true. In that case a poster must have already been uploaded (so it can be used as the image on IPFS).

  • Optional uploadToIPFS?: InputMaybe<Scalars["Boolean"]>

    Whether to asynchronously trigger an IPFS upload after the file has been uploaded to the returned cloud storage URL.

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