Interface OperationDebugMeta

Metadata used to annotate an Operation in development for the urql-devtools.


The OperationDebugMeta is found on meta only in development, and is used to send additional metadata to the urql-devtools about the Operation.

In production, most of this metadata will be missing, and it must not be used outside of development, and should only be used by the urql-devtools.


  • OperationDebugMeta


cacheOutcome?: CacheOutcome

A type of caching outcome set by cache exchanges on OperationResults.


The cacheOutcome flag is set to a CacheOutcome on Operations after they passed through the cache exchange. This flag indicates whether a cache hit, miss, or partial cache hit has occurred.

networkLatency?: number

Reserved to indicate the time it took for a GraphQL request to receive a response from a GraphQL API.


The networkLatency may be set to the time it took (in ms) for a GraphQL API to respond to a request and deliver a result.

source?: string

A label for the source of the Operation.


The source string indicates a human readable originator for the Operation. This may be set to a component name or function name to indicate what originally triggered the Operation.

startTime?: number

Reserved to indicate the timestamp at which a GraphQL request was sent to a GraphQL API.


The startTime is set to an epoch timestamp (in ms) at which a GraphQL request was started and sent to a GraphQL API.

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