Type alias BlockchainResource

BlockchainResource: {
    attributes?: Maybe<Scalars["JSONObject"]>;
    blockchainId?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
    createdAt: Scalars["DateTime"];
    id: Scalars["ID"];
    metadata?: Maybe<Scalars["JSONObject"]>;
    status?: Maybe<Status>;
    updatedAt?: Maybe<Scalars["DateTime"]>;

An interface representing properties common to all objects that exist on the blockchain

Type declaration

  • Optional attributes?: Maybe<Scalars["JSONObject"]>

    A mapping of attributes for this object. These will be stored in the Niftory API but will not be added to the blockchain.

  • Optional blockchainId?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>

    The ID of this resource on the blockchain.

  • createdAt: Scalars["DateTime"]

    Creation date of this item

  • id: Scalars["ID"]

    A unique identifier for this object in the Niftory API.

  • Optional metadata?: Maybe<Scalars["JSONObject"]>

    A mapping of properties that will be added to the blockchain.

  • Optional status?: Maybe<Status>

    The status of this resource. Can be used to track progress in designing and creating resources.

  • Optional updatedAt?: Maybe<Scalars["DateTime"]>

    Most recent updated date of this item, if any

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